Jurgen Klopp’s final day at Liverpool was an emotional and unforgettable ride, and now some great unseen footage has emerged.

The German’s eight-and-a-half-year spell at the helm of the Reds is now over, and the baton has passed to Arne Slott.

Sunday’s 2-0 win over Wolves was a special afternoon as Klopp said goodbye to the fans, producing a charismatic speech in the process.

Now the club have released their final ‘Inside Enfield’ of the season, documenting the 56-year-old’s final day as manager.

Here are six things you might have missed.

Jones encourages Klopp

It’s only right that Klopp gave the whole of Anfield a perfect fisticuff inspection on Sunday – something he has become so famous for.

One Liverpool player in particular appeared to be tormenting his manager, with Curtis Jones standing in the center circle and lifting him up.

Klopp ended up going to all four corners of Anfield, fighting for his life, as unforgettable scenes unfolded.

Jones is one of us!

Klopp is in good spirits with Kavanagh

Klopp has not had a healthy relationship with referees over the years, falling out with some after some controversial decisions.

Chris Kavanagh had the honor of officiating the German’s final game, and to be fair, they seemed to be on good terms.

The pair were seen warmly shaking hands before kick-off and sending it off, and there was no time for Klopp to get flustered during the match.

It’s a reminder that emotions can run high in the heat of the moment during and immediately after games, but that the former Liverpool boss will always be a class act.

More laughs at Matip’s expense

Joel Matip is one of those characters who is funny without trying to be – he will be greatly missed.

Brief footage in the dressing room shows the 32-year-old again being mocked and mocked, particularly by Andy Robertson, although it is not clear why.

Matip seems unimpressed by what’s going on around him, but it’s hard not to feel a touching warmth towards him.

What a void it will leave.

Van Dijk cinematographer

Virgil van Dijk was constantly seen with camera in hand during the post-match antics as he did his best impression of Martin Odegaard!

A lovely moment in the tunnel shows the Dutchman photographing Klopp and his wife Ulla as they walk towards him, with Klopp hugging his other half.

These are pictures that will last the Liverpool captain a lifetime – the picture ended up on his Instagram!

One last warm hug with Alisson

With Anfield almost empty, Klopp and Alisson were still going strong signing shirts and boots for the adoring fans.

There was still time for a final hug between the two on the Anfield pitch, incidentally where they celebrated Divock Origi’s goal against Everton in 2018.

What an iconic duo.

Another media dig!

Klopp has never liked media duties, which is an understatement, and he was left annoyed once again.

With people milling around wanting selfies and autographs, the legendary German had to submit to press conference duties.

Klopp is stunned by the news, before apologizing to those on the pitch that he has to be somewhere else.

“Can you go over there and tell them they want me to hold a press conference, press conference“, he said in a tone of disbelief.

It’s almost fitting that the media duties at the last opportunity might have irritated him!


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