“We have to look and understand why it was so difficult. It’s true, we actually… if you look at it in reflection, we didn’t have that bad pace, it’s just that the cars behind us were all on new tires, so I was the support for everyone else.

“You can’t hold guys back when they’re on tires 25, 30 laps younger than you. I think if we weren’t the last car, and we were a position or two ahead and someone else was a buffer, we would be fine.”

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Asked to explain his late stop, which came amid a battle with RB’s Daniel Ricciardo, he said: “It’s so dirty off-line here. You’re protecting… but you know you shouldn’t really be protecting.

“It’s putting dirt on your tires and when you brake, you lock up. It’s one of those where honestly… you didn’t want to defend, but you had to (in order to) maintain position.”

Sargeant, meanwhile, offered his thoughts on the lap 28 collision with Magnussen around the corner of Turn 2 that sent him sliding into the barriers at the exit of Turn 3 and out of the race – also bringing out the safety car.


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