After UFC veteran Anthony Smith got word about Alex Pereira challenging him to a submission clash, he thought it might have just been a dig. But what do you know? ‘Poatan’ wasn’t kidding! The light heavyweight champion took to social media recently and confirmed that the $50,000 bet is indeed real.

“Someone tell this guy that the bet is real, I’m not talking about fighting at an event because I don’t need to promote myself,” wrote Alex Pereira on his Instagram story“I’m talking about booking in a gym and the bet would be there because if you wait to fight me at an event, it would probably be difficult to happen. I was out of action for a month because I broke both of my toes, so I only need a month for me to recover some of my cardio.”

Alex Pereira even took a dig at Anthony Smith’s comments about what he would do with the money. “He said he would use this money to buy the stupidest thing, I would do it differently. I would buy food for people in need to lessen their pain.” We’ll have to wait and see how things go down when they compete.


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