Manchester United’s on-loan army this season has been a bright spot in a miserable season at Old Trafford.

The likes of Jadon Sancho, Mason Greenwood and Alvaro Fernandez, to name a few, have renewed their value ahead of the crucial summer window.

While Sancho and Greenwood figure to be the protagonists of the summer saga, a direct deal for Fernandez is complete.

After impressing at the Portuguese club, Fabrizio Romano reports that Benfica have opened up an option to sign the left-back.

Benfica could buy the player for 6 million euros at the end of his loan as part of the agreement they reached.

United will hold all three clauses that give them ultimate control over the player’s future still – the buy-out clause, the corresponding rights and the sell-on clause.

This means that there is a certain amount for which United can buy the player from Benfica, and even if that expires, they will be entitled to match the offer made for him by another club.

Furthermore, if they want neither, they will still benefit from any future sale of Fernandez to another club.

It’s a positive departure from the kind of deal United used to do for their youngster who didn’t make the grade.

Di’Shon Bernard, for example, returned from a successful loan spell in the Championship and returned to playing U21 football, effectively erasing his value.

That being said, there will still be an element of “what if” with this sale, especially with hindsight.

United have effectively played the entire season without a natural left-back, so the presence of Fernandez may well spawn another success story for the academy.

However, there is no point in looking back as the deal that was eventually struck still gives United plenty of leverage and helps avoid a Paul Pogba-like situation.

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