The huge mosaic, spanning three sides of Anfield, has been installed ready for Jurgen Klopp’s farewell match as Liverpool manager.

Organized by fans, 80 volunteers took their time on Saturday to lay out almost 24,000 individual cards to create incredible works of art that will be displayed before Sunday’s game.

As always, the mosaic is the brainchild of Andy Knott of the Red All Over The Land fanzine, who designs the mosaic and organizes the installation of the individual cards.

Fans split into groups to place cards individually on each seat in each block of stands, with this one of the most intricate designs ever created, encompassing The Kop, the Lower Sir Kenny Dalglish Stand and the home section of the Anfield Road Lower Tier.

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Andy has been creating mosaics for Liverpool since 1996, with displays each year on the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, plus commemorative designs for past players, legends and other significant events.

This, however, is one of the biggest undertaking and also intricate for the design of Jurgen’s celebration in front of The Kop, which will be located in the Lower Sir Kenny Dalglish section of the stand.

Well done to all those who took the time to help create the spectacular display. It promises to look spectacular when fans hold the pre-match screen on what will be an emotionally charged atmosphere at Anfield.

Thanks Jurgen.

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