Former Dallas Cowboys QB Conjures Up Dream UFL Scenario on Social Media

The very moment that quarterback Ben DiNucci announced on social media the Denver Broncos had released him after the NFL Draft, people started connecting the dots and dreaming of the possibility of the former Dallas Cowboys draft pick returning to Spring Pro Football.

After all, it’s no secret how much success and fun DiNucci had last season getting a chance to start and star in the XFL with the Seattle Sea Dragons. Even while being rostered by Denver in April, the former James Madison standout openly expressed his longing for the XFL.

As a result of DiNucci’s recent sentiment, the moment he was released, his return to spring ball seemed like a possibility. In fact, the idea extended beyond fan wishes. Earler this week, at least two different UFL teams reached out to DiNucci’s camp to see if he had any interest in a brief cameo before testing the NFL waters again in a month’s time.

With the UFL season nearing its end, despite strong interest, DiNucci has decided to pass on playing in the league for now. He took to social media to express his appreciation for those who want him to play in the United Football League in 2024 but asserted he wouldn’t be doing so this season.

Shortly after his announcement, DiNucci playfully conjured up a scenario of bringing back his XFL team, the Seattle Sea Dragons — with the catch that he would assume a dual ownership/player role.

It’s no secret that the owners of the UFL (RedBird Capital Partners, FOX Sports, Disney, Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia) have long-term goals of one day selling off franchises, much in the same way Major League Soccer has done since its inception.

The odds of any player pulling off a dream scenario of owning a team while playing on it are far-fetched. But perhaps DiNucci’s proposal — the idea of a current or former football player owning a pro football team — isn’t a pipe dream. Maybe with a team of investors, it could become a reality.

Owning a pro football team is a challenging endeavor, time and money-wise. But nothing would engender the UFL more than seeing players flip the script and take on prominent leadership roles in a league that empowers the landscape for all.

The door may be closed on Ben DiNucci joining the UFL in 2024, but perhaps it will stay open for him and the league in 2025 and beyond…in more ways than one.

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