George Kambosos hit out at Ryan Garcia on social media today in response to him calling him “bad” after watching him get beaten by Vasiliy Lomachenko by an 11th round knockout in their fight for the vacant IBF lightweight title last Saturday night in Perth. Australia.

Kambosos replied

Kambosos wasn’t about to let Ryan’s disrespectful remark pass without saying anything in response.

Former IBF, WBA, WBO and Ring lightweight champion Kambosos (21-3, 100 KOs), who suffered his third loss in his last four fights, berated Ryan, telling him he had won more belts than ever before without questionable help. . Ryan hasn’t won any titles yet.

Kambosos then fired on Ryan due to his positive PED tests and his weight gain due to his fight against Devin Haney last April. Ryan was 3.2 pounds over the 140-pound limit for that fight, and tested positive for the banned PED Ostarine, which remains under investigation.

The “fierce” Kambosos said he wants to fight Ryan in the street, which obviously won’t change anything. Ryan sees Kambosos as a poor fighter, and his recent record of 1-3 in his last four fights reflects that opinion.

The fall of George Kambosos from Grace

Kambosos is viewed by many boxing fans as a wunderkind who pulled off an upset win over Teofimo Lopez in 2021 for all it’s worth, having made millions in two fights against Devin Haney, Maxie Hughes and Lomachenko.

Before the Kambosos vs. Teofimo match, he was just an ordinary competitor, unbeaten by anyone notable, with the exception of Mickey Paye and Lee Selby. This surprise win for Kambosos over Teofimo netted him a lot of money.

“I’ve won more belts than you’ll ever win princess the clean way, 😘cheating bitch. I’d rather go out on my armor against the best and lose like a man than cheat with weight advantages and improvements like you did. Let’s fight in the streets, then fuck it in the ring!! Said Kambosos Jr. : “Use whatever you want.” XIn response to Ryan Garcia’s comment about his lack of ability after his loss to Lomachenko last Saturday night.

Ryan is clearly not the only one who feels Kambosos is not a good fighter. He is considered by many to be a lucky man, as he was able to catch Teofimo when he was mentally isolated from their fight three years ago and then made the most of that win to amass a fortune and get rich from his next four fights.


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