“Coming up, we have Monaco, Montreal and then Barcelona,” he explained. “You’ve got two circuits that are mostly low-speed corners, Montreal of course, they’re all low-speed. And then you have Barcelona, ​​which with its new layout, where they have removed the chicane, is an extremely fast circuit. Lots of turns at medium speed and very, very, very high.

“So a big range for us to deal with. We don’t expect to go to Monaco and suddenly look incredibly fast. But what you may find is that subtle changes to those traces can expose those vulnerabilities a little less.

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“If you’ve got somewhere like Montreal, you’re only dealing with one speed range, it might be a little easier to get the car in the window. We all do all the normal prep work, but basically, we have to work our way out of this problem by bringing performance updates to the car.

“This is what we are working towards. And then on the track, we’re just going to try to pick what we’ve got as best we can while getting as many points as we can. It’s really those two areas that we’re working on simultaneously.”

Mercedes currently hold fourth place in the constructors’ standings with 64 points, with the team’s best result so far in the race being P5 for George Russell at the Bahrain Grand Prix earlier in the season.


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