NASCAR finds itself in a race not just on the track but also for television viewership supremacy. The recent surge in NASCAR’s success is marked by thrilling races and increased fan engagement.

However, amidst this triumph, NASCAR President Steve Phelps candidly admitted to feeling the pressure of competing with the NFL for television rating dominance. This shows the complex difficulties in a sport like NASCAR in retaining audiences in an ever-evolving media in this day and age.

NASCAR’s pursuit of viewership in the shadow of the NFL


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Steve Phelps highlighted the recent success of NASCAR in terms of viewership and audience engagement. Over the past few weeks, the sport has consistently been the top sporting event during weekends, indicating strong viewership and a buzz around the sport.

However, he acknowledged that as the NFL season kicks off, the completion of viewership becomes more challenging. This is a common trend across any sports broadcasting, where major leagues like the NFL tend to draw significant viewership during the season.

“The first four weeks of this season for us, we’ve been the number one sporting event of the weekend, which is not unusual for us at this time of year. When we get into the NFL season, it gets a little more difficult. But we’re having a moment and it feels great.” he said.

Phelps also highlighted their recent achievement on their release of the new docu-series NASCAR: Full Speed, which premiered approximately a month ago.  This show helps in bringing in new potential audiences to the sport to increase their viewership.


NASCAR’s positive momentum with recent Netflix release

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NASCAR is currently experiencing a rush of positive developments with many recent events contributing to a favorable outlook for the sport. One of the notable highlights is the release of a Netflix show, NASCAR: Full Speed, which premiered about a month ago.


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The Netflix show offers viewers an inside look into the world of NASCAR, its drivers, teams, and the thrilling dynamics of racing. Such a docu-series not only entertain existing fans but also serve as a medium to attract new fans and create a buzz around the sport.

“Yeah, a lot going on in NASCAR. I would say much of it, or most of it’s positive.  Specifically, the Netflix show that you had referenced came out about a month ago.” he said.

The timing of the show’s release, coinciding with NASCAR’s positive momentum, further enhanced its impact on its audience.


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“And I think for people who have never considered NASCAR,  I think it’s a really good look kind of behind the scenes and what it takes to be a NASCAR driver and the team element to it. And I think it’s a really neat show. It’s a limited edition. It’s five episodes. But I encourage people to go take a look at it.”

This reflects the overall positive outlook within the NASCAR community as they continue to capitalize on recent successes and navigate the competitive industry of sports broadcasting.


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