PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Now you can own a piece of MLS history.

Raquinho, the raccoon who interrupted the May 15 match between the Philadelphia Union and New York City FC, now has a trading card.

Video of Raquinho running across the field during the 21st minute of the game spread quickly on social media. He evaded wrangling from grounds crew members chasing him with a trash can and poster boards for 161 seconds.

MLS’ communications department joked that it’s “the most by a raccoon in MLS history.”

The Raquinho trading card sold by Topps.


Topps is selling the Raquinho cards online for $8.99 each. You can get cheaper per-card prices if you buy in bulk, as low as 20 cards for $89.99.

Sales of the MLS Raquinho the raccoon trading card continue on until 3 p.m. ET on Sunday, May 19.

The Union recently made a different kind of history by signing 14-year-old Cavan Sullivan, the youngest player in the team’s history to be added to the first-team roster and the fifth-youngest in MLS history.


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