Reflecting on Honda’s words of support for him, Tsunoda commented: “Very happy to hear what they said. I’ve been working with them since a very young age. I [have been] able to achieve what they wanted me to do – [I] became a Formula 1 driver [with] Honda. Without their support, I wouldn’t be here.

“We have a special relationship between us, and I love their people, [they are] super supportive. But at the same time, the driver market stuff, it’s a bit [of a] different story.

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“In the end, we need an available seat for Aston Martin if they’re keen to support me from 2026 onwards, which means a high chance that they want me to be in the Aston Martin, but we need a seat to be available, otherwise there’s no chance.”

Should this not occur, Tsunoda is hopeful that he can still work with Honda again in some capacity down the line.


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