We have you covered for all of tonight’s UFC Vegas 92 results, including the main event between Edson Barboza and Lerone Murphy.

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Barboza (24-12 MMA) will enter tonight’s headliner sporting a two-fight winning streak, this after scoring victories over Billy Quarantillo (18-6 MMA) and Sodiq Yusuff (13-4 MMA) respectively.

Meanwhile, the undefeated Lerone Murphy (14-0 MMA) last fought and defeated Joshua Culibao (11-3 MMA) by unanimous decision at last year’s UFC London event.

Round one of the UFC Vegas 92 main event begins and the featherweights exchange jabs to start. Edson Barboza throws a low kick, but it connects with the groin of the Manchester native, and we have a short break in the action. Upon restart Lerone Murphy connects with a pair of good straight rights. Barboza connects with a low kick and then a jab of his own. The Brazilian leaps into the pocket with a left hook. Murphy replies with a nice right hand over the top. Barboza counters with a left hook to the body. Lerone Murphy continues to find success with his jab. He is using feints to draw Edson inside and then cracking him with the jab repeatedly. A head kick now from the Brit. That appeared to partially connect. Edson Barboza throws a knee but then slips and ends up on his back. Murphy jumps on him with a right hand. Barboza with a heel kick from off his back and it connects. That was a legal strike. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two of the UFC Vegas 92 headliner begins and Lerone Murphy continues to look sharp with his hands. He cracks Edson Barboza with a right and then another. The 38-year-old Brazilian clearly still has one hell of a chin as he seemed unfazed by those shots. Barboza with a low kick. Murphy charges in with a 1-2. Another heavy low kick lands for Barboza. He circles out, but Murphy charges at him with a good combination and then shoots in and scores a takedown. Edson quickly scrambles back to his feet, but Murphy still has him in a body lock. Barboza eventually shakes him off and we are back to fighting at range. Lerone Murphy with a pair of big right hands and Barboza appears to be hurt. The Brit senses it and charges in with a big overhand right. Good punches from the Manchester native. He is battering the Brazilian now. Edson Barboza attempts a spinning technique but slips to the canvas in the process. He pops back up, but now Murphy has him in a body lock against the fence. Good knees from Lerone to close out the round.

The third round of the UFC Vegas 92 main event begins and Lerone Murphy is back to work with his quick hands. He throws a nice switch kick that just misses the chin of the Brazilian. A good 1-2 from the Brit. Edson Barboza answers with a heavy kick to the body. Still, Murphy just continues to press forward with punches. His speed and volume are just overwhelming Barboza at this point. He steps in with a good standing elbow and then drops down for a double leg takedown. Barboza defends the shot, but Murphy has his back. The undefeated featherweight lands a good knee on the break and then proceeds to swarm the veteran with another flurry. Huge shots but somehow Edson Barboza is still standing. He is busted up now and clearly slowing down. He lands a good leg kick and then is able to defend a takedown attempt. Back to range and Barboza lands a nice straight right. Lerone Murphy with a spinning back kick and then a left hand. The horn sounds to end the third frame.

Round four of the UFC Vegas 92 headliner begins and Lerone Murphy has now surpassed 100 head strikes in this fight. Barboza’s face is a mess, but he is still in this one. The veteran lands a good low kick but then gets countered with a straight right. Another nice combination from Murphy. He is just picking apart Barboza now. It is remarkable that Edson hasn’t gone down to any of these strikes. He is still very durable in the late stages of his MMA career. Murphy forces the clinch and lands a knee. We will go to the fifth and final round.

The final round of this featherweight matchup begins and Lerone Murphy comes forward and connects with an overhand right. He cracks Edson Barboza with a big left hand and then shoots in and forces the clinch against the cage. Back to range now and Murphy just continues to pick Barboza apart on the feet. The Brazilian veteran is clearly tired, and his punches are coming out very labored. Another good left hook from the Brit. He shoots in and scores a big double leg takedown. Ninety seconds remain in the fight. Barboza tries to scramble up to his feet, but Murphy locks in a hook and is able to keep him down. Edson continues to work and is now standing with Lerone draped all over him. The undefeated featherweight drags Barboza back down and now there is only 30 seconds left for Edson to land a hail Mary. Barboza is back up but it’s too little too late. The horn sounds to end the fight.

Official UFC Vegas 92 Results: Lerone Murphy def. Edson Barboza by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45)

Who would you like to see Murphy fight next following his dominant victory over Barboza this evening in Sin City?


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