“Another tough race, obviously [the pre-race changes] didn’t really solve the issue,” the Chinese driver commented after the Grand Prix. “There was quite a bit going on but for me it was a bit [of a] lonely race, especially during the second stint, [I was] just kind of driving alone.

“Not the smoothest weekend, but we have something already planned in the factory to be checking [if something was wrong with the car]. This weekend I don’t really have much confidence altogether with the car.”

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Assessing the mood within the team after two tough weekends in Monaco and Canada, Zhou voiced his hope that there can be some improvement next time out at the Spanish Grand Prix.

“On my side, especially the last two weekends, I just wasn’t able to have enough confidence to attack on the braking or the cornering,” the 25-year-old said. “We obviously a bit more struggled, but we will try to start from scratch for the next race in Barcelona.”


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