“We ran a set of softs in FP1 and you only get a certain amount of softs for the weekend,” he said. “[We were] trying to prepare for quali tomorrow, and we thought at the time there was a high chance of rain for FP2, so we wanted to get some soft running in early.

“But considering that, it’s been a decent day. Ferrari looked quick, Red Bull looked good, Mercedes looked a lot stronger this weekend so far, so it’s very tight. I think it’s been a good day overall.”

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Pushed on where McLaren might shake out come qualifying, he continued: “Honestly, we could be first, we could be eighth, but even Aston looked pretty decent, [Fernando] Alonso looked good, so it could be first or it could be 10th.

“It’s been very, very tight between everybody today. Everybody will try to tune up the cars tomorrow and give it a good run. It’s going to be exciting because it’s very much in the drivers’ hands… There are a lot of quick cars out there, so whoever nails the lap will probably end up on pole.”


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